The Pink Garage

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sofa...

You know its the one, when you can't stop thinking of her, and you have already designed your house around the lines of her design. She is the BIG accessory in the home, that states who you are as an individual. She is where you snuggle up to read a book, lay with the kids and husband, and hold tea parties. She is your SOFA...or as my bestie calls her "Sofia". It is truly amazing what a "Sofia" can bring to your day...


  1. Holly!!! Your Blog looks fabulous! When did you have a bridal event, I want to be a vendor at the next one. We have to chat, I've been thinking about you all week. I love what your doing with the site looks ah-mazing. Call me when you get a chance..909-437-5519

  2. i love the pink room ... a girl sure can dream...

  3. Thx Girls! Yes, Ebony I will be calling you tomorrow!Lots to catch up on!